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About Our Candles

In the centuries-old tradition of European Artisans of the Medieval Period, Kat's Candle Company proudly presents these exceptional hand-carved candles. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the craft we have so lovingly perfected.

We begin with a simple, hand-poured core of solid, clear paraffin wax. Like all of our materials, we use only the highest quality wax available. Through this molded core runs a specially braided 100% cotton wick. This candle foundation is then repeatedly dipped in pigment-dyed hot liquid wax to layer on colors. We pride ourselves on our skill in carefully layering and blending these multiple colored layers to create just about ANY color you could dream of! Your custom color requests are ALWAYS welcome here.

Once the layers of wax have been established, the warm candle is carved into beautiful designs. Every candle is then finished with a clear acrylic glaze to add a permanent shine. From our generations old Ribbon designs to our original Seascape and Southwestern designs, the exquisite details and variety of styles and sizes we offer are sure to please every taste!

At Kat’s Candle Co., every order is a custom order. Please don’t hesitate to ask us to design a unique candle perfectly suited to your occasion, personality or celebration theme! From sports to cartoon characters to science-fiction, we’ve been delighted to create some of the most creative unity candles you could imagine! No request is too large – give us a call or send us an email and we’ll talk it over.

One of the most commonly asked questions of our candles has been "They're so beautiful, why would anyone burn them?" and we are pleased to explain that our candles can be burned safely... and then refilled! Yes, by following the simple instructions we include with each candle, you can burn your candles safely and watch as they burn directly down the center-- leaving the outer carvings untouched. The candles then light up and glow through the carvings, cutouts, and designs. The candles can then be "refilled" with an ordinary tea-lite or a small votive candle. In this way, your candle can be burned repeatedly and will last indefinitely. For those who would like the option, we can drill out the area around the wick to an appropriate size for either a tea-lite candle or small oil lamp.