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SALE! Ready to ship! - 117.jpg
SALE! Ready to ship!

One-of-a-kind candle set in ivory and royal blue with gold accents. This would make a VERY unique wedding candle set or special gift!

Unity candle is 9.5" tall with 12" tall candle sticks.

Only ONE of this style is available.
Retail price: $78.50
SALE price: $55.00

No custom requests, please.
Stands NOT included.

You may now use the following form to guide you through the customization process.

The shape and design of the candle you have chosen comes in one size.
- Standard (Approx. 9 1/2") - $45.00
Would you like to add any Children's Candle Sticks to your order?
Couples use these matching carved taper candle sticks, which are slightly shorter in size than our standard candle sticks, to include their children in the unity candle ceremony.
Symbolizing the joining together of a family, this tradition is suitable for including older children.
We trust that you will use good judgement in allowing children to handle lit candles.

Price: $11.00 each.
Would you like to add Mothers' / Attendants' Candles to your order?
Mothers'/Attendants' Candles are 6.5" tall and are made with the same carving style, colors and accents as your unity candle set.
Each one can be personalized with "Mother of the Bride/Groom", family name, or other appropriate text at the base.
These smaller candles are also an excellent way to honor a special relative, friend or member of your wedding party.
Volume discounts available for centerpiece orders as well (min. 6 pc.). CONTACT US for more information.

Price: $35.00 each.

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