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Recent Custom Orders

At Kats Candle Company, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
Custom unity candle requests are our specialty!

Let Kat’s Candle Company create a one-of-a-kind unity candle set that you will enjoy in your home for many years to come!

Below you will see examples of some recent custom request unity candle orders we have received. For more information about any of the unique custom candles shown on this page, or to discuss ideas for your own custom unity candle, please contact us, either via email, call us at: (208) 286-4888, or check out our "As You Wish" line of custom unity candles.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the wonderful customers who have graciously permitted us to display their candles on this page!
Will yours be our newest addition?

40th Anniversary at Disney World.jpg

Amber and Matt- July 4th. Baseball Theme.jpg


Barbara Johnson.jpg

Bethlehem Star.jpg

Fall Leaves and Invitations.jpg

Gold Cross.jpg

Gold Leaves.jpg


Happily Ever After.jpg

Here Come the Sargents-back.jpg

Here Come the Sargents-front.jpg

Hibiscus and Palm Trees theme.jpg

Jewish Anniversary Candle.jpg

Licensed Image Supplied by Customer.jpg

Nichole and Cole.jpg


Nightmare Before Christmas Theme Set.jpg

Palm Tree Theme Set - ADORABLE.jpg

Silver Swans.jpg

SWANS candle set.jpg


Text from invitation is in Vietnamese.jpg